Craftsman of Rustic Furniture, & Decor, and Collectors of the Raw material to make your own!

If you are looking for Tree Slices/Log Rounds, or Birch poles or any other Natural Forest product at the cheapest price possible, there is plenty out there on the internet!

Every day we receive desperate request mostly from "Brides to be" that have purchased products such as Tree Slices/Log Rounds that arrived molded, splitting in half and the bark falling off, and they have just a few days to their wedding!

Here at Spirit of the Woods, we take our business very seriously. All our products are harvested sustainable & processed with much pride & care. Products such as our Tree Slices/Log rounds are processed very carefully including kiln dried. You will never receive molded or cracking Log rounds from us or any other product with such disgraceful low quality!

We take the extra time and expense to do it the right way! The only Way! And we back it up with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee!

If you want quality, your at the right place!!

We are Collectors, Processors, and Sellers of Natural Forest Products and Craftsman of Rustic Log and Twig Furniture and accessories. Our goal is to work with respect and in conjunction with Mother Nature and her discarded materials and bring them to you, for craft work, Rustic furniture, and Nature themed decoration.

Spirit of the Woods,Inc. offers the highest of quality, Rustic Log and Twig Furniture and home and Cabin decor as well as the raw natural material to make your own!

Our Raw Natural products include but not limited to Birch Bark Sheets/Flats, Birch Logs, Poles, twigs and branches, Log/Tree Slices/Rounds, For the Rustic Furniture maker,craftsmen, and nature themed decorator and wedding planner.